Treasures untold at the Trohv! If you're looking for new and interesting items, masterpieces, even vintage goods, then Trohv is your haven. A more fun way to say “trove,” it is indeed a collection of artful objects discovered or found. Trohv is an inventive, independently-owned shop featuring home goods and gifts.

There is something for everybody, if you know how to look. Our mix of urban grit and southern sensibility playfully blends multiple aesthetics to create an artful sense of home and personal style. We have accessory lines, an upholstery and leather line, and a variety of industrial, repurposed, handcrafted, custom, and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces.

Smaller items, too, are in our collection to complete your own collections or to serve as gifts. Books, maps, souvenirs, health and beauty products, kitchen gadgets, limited editions, bottles, gift cards, office supplies, things that fit in your bag...You name it. Want vintage? We give you vintage as well.

Come and pay us a visit for a one-of-a-kind shopping trip. You'll be surprised by just how many wonders this Trohv holds.